Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Sorry for not blogging so much today but it´s been alote to do at work and when I came home I was so tired that I just died in my sofa! Jesus... My man made me some Tacos and now I´m eating candy and reading some blogs.
Today I´m been working in the showroom, picking clothes to different magazines! What about these shoes? LOVE THEM.
Tomorrow after work I´m meeting up with my sister. We are going to do some shopping and just catching up. Can´t wait! Love spending time with my sister. She´s my best friend.
One more thing.. You all notice that I´m writing in English.. It´s just beacuse I have alote of readers from other contries! BUT I´m not the best so maybe there are one or maybe ten wrong spellings or whatever... I´m so very sorry about that. <3


  1. Älskar din outfit och ÄLSKAR skorna! Vart jobbar du? :-) xx

  2. Men tack! Ja, visst är de underbara? :)
    Jag jobbar på en PR-byrå som heter Molino Pr!

  3. Sjukt fina verkligen! Åh va roligt, jag har länge drömt om att jobba med PR :-)

  4. Älskar skorna och Missoni halsduken! XO