Friday, 6 January 2012


God morning cupcakes!

Today I got up earlier then I liked to.. my eyes are so tired and heavy. But a girl got to do what a girl got to do. And that´s alote. OMG, I have a million things to do today, but hey that´s just fun fun fun.
Tonight 17 friends are coming to our coctail party and I want everything to be perfect. A very hard habbit sometimes but it gets done good anyway.

The drinklist is:

Pineappel Mojito
Gin Fizz
Apple Martini
Sea Breeze
Slinky Mink
Irish Coffee

I love the names.. I would like to drink a Slinky Mink everyday! 

In like 2 hours my sister is coming and we are going to work on my project all day, it´s going to be alote of fun and I can´t wait to tell u.

Have a wondeful Friday.
Do some shopping (maybe just some new makeup) Meet a friend for a drink. Dress up and go out and dance. Meet a boy. Make some cupcakes. Go out and eat dinner at your favorite resturant. By something u been wanting for a long time. Just enjoy your life and feel the love.



  1. Vill också dricka drinkar!!!

  2. ååå guuud gumman jag gjorde också cupcakes idag !!!! :))) så HIMLA GOTT ! I also by makeup today. fab. todels !