Sunday, 8 January 2012


Good morning cupcakes!

OMG, how tired can u get? Right now I want to shoot myself. Not really but I´m soooo tired. Just made me some strong coffee, hope that will wake me up. A shower and I think I´m back in the game.
BUT... I don´t care if I´m tired. Today is going to be pretty awesome!!!
I´m going to kick ass and I hope u also going to do that this cold, winter Monday.
Now I have to stop blogging (I always seem to have time with that?) and start making myself ready.
I will ABSOLUTELY check in on you later this day to tell u about everything.
Lots of love.

Ps. I have no idea why it say Sunday the 8th on my blog. And I don´t have the time to change it. But hey, you know it´s Monday so whatever! XX.


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