Thursday, 5 January 2012


Thursday and I´m feeling great, yeah! Slept like a baby. I sad it before and I´m saying it again.. I love my bed. 
Yesterday was a "fix-day". We did some cleaning and fixed the apartment a bite. 
Organized all my clothes and so on.. 
We ended the day in bed with chocolate cake and a movie. Mjau..

Today I´m going to take ma lazy ass and go for a walk, I think I´m gained like a million pounds.. not fun. I look like a person that has eaten all the chocolate boxes by her self. Not fun!
And then I´m going with a friend to see a new apartment for her, very excited about that. Me and my man also going to do some flowers-shopping and fix all for tomorrow. Right now we have 5 drinks that we are doing... yummy.

Talkt to u later.


  1. Hello Elin :)))) Is your bed very hard or relly soft ? my bed is a bit to soft and my back is hurtings alitle. how did it go with the "fix" ? :)) ?? haha im also looking like a girl that ate all the choklate boxes for my selfe :) . not funny for me too !! what drinking became it ?


  2. Hey Cecilia!
    I love my bed... so I don´t really have the answer to your question! If your back is hurting, maybe u should change bed? ;)
    Haha, but hey, chocolate is one of the best things u can eat.
    We made:
    Slinky mink.
    Apple Martini.
    Sea breeze.
    Gin Fizz.
    Ananas Mojito.

    XX Elin