Monday, 5 December 2011


New day, new week and i love it. I have been so tired this weekend but i feel so much better today. Hey!
My plans for the day is to work as much as possible. Then i´m going to meet up with Lisa and then Mirja. They forgot some stuff when they were here on the saturday-shoot.
I think i have to go for a walk to clear my mind.. it´s loaded with plenty of things.

I have to figure out what mum and dad is going to give me this christmas.. i´m thinking YSL-ring and a Mbmj-bag but and don´t know.. or money so i can by what i want... decisions. decisions, decisions. 
I don´t know when i´m going home to Arvika either... ya ya ya... 

Gah, it was hard to write this in english. I can talk and understand english very well but and don´t often write... it takes so much longer! 

we´ll se if this is going to be every time or just once in a while.

Have a splendid days lovers! 

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