Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Good morning! 

Today I´m going home! Yey! Me, my sister and her boyfriend are driving the car to beautiful Wermland. It´s strange... when I lived in Arvika (my hometown) all I wanted was to get the hell out of there.. but now, when you don´t live there anymore it´s very nice to come home and just chill. 
I´m going to work in my store: Elin Klings Secondhand. So if you are in Arvika, come by. It´s open Thursday and Friday. I have alote of nice things with me (Acne, jewelry, glitter)
and of course ginger-bread and glögg and julmust. Yes!

Yesterday me and my man had a very good evening. We made gingerbread, drank glögg, ate candy, wraped our gifts and listend to music. 

Today: Clean. Walk. Pack. Go home.


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