Tuesday, 6 December 2011


How u doing cupcakes?

Today or maybe tomorrow i think it´s going to be snow.. today it´s very cold and i know it´s been snowing in other places.. yey! I want snow! It gets so dark efter 3 o´clock. So when the snow is laying on the grown it´s going to be more lighter and much more glitter! And i love the sound when you walk in the snow...

I really want to get into the christmas-mood so i think i´m going to make some "lussekatter", "knäck" and "pepparkakor" this week. And maybe throw a christmas party this weekand. I wish me and my man had a christmas three but we are not going to spend christmas in Stockholm :(

I don´t have anything fun or interesting to write about this morning.. I have no inspiration at the moment. Well well..
I talk to you later.


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