Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Just got home from town so I thought I would check in on you! Today I got myself two new tattoos!!! Yey. But, boy, it hurted! Like HELL!!! I have already three  so it´s not like it´s my first time but this time was the worst! Jesus... but I´m very happy and it looks great. You will get some pictures tomorrow!
Then I want in to town to work in my little boutique! Me and my mum went to a few shops and I got some new beatyproducts and some sunglasses and a necklace! (some glitter) 

Me and my man was going home tomorrow but we are staying and we are going to celebrate New Year´s in Arvika with our friends. BUT... i have nothing to wear.....
Think it´s going to be awsome! I have a craving for champange so New Year´s will filled with the bubblish loviness! :)

Tonight were are making Lasange and drinking some good red-wine.

Hope u all have a nice evening!

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