Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hey Hello!

I hope u feel good my little cupcakes!
I just came back from a nice walk in the woods and yes all the snow, not all but almost all snow is gone.
Buhu! And i talked to my brother yesterday. He told me that it´s going to be +6 in Arvika on Chrtismas.

Today i´m having a interesting meeting with a PR-agency! I´m looking forward to that.. it´s happening good stuff in my life right now. Finally! I will tell u later how it went.

Tonight me and my man are having some christmas-"cuddeling". We are going to wrap all our chirstmasgifts, drink some "glögg" and bake some christmas-candy and of course listen to some christmas-music! Cheeeeeezy! Did I tell u that I LOVE christmas, he he.

Talk to u later.

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