Monday, 19 December 2011

Good morning cupcakes!

Yey, the feeling when u wake up and it´s snowing! I´m feeling like a little child.
I hope it stays on the ground!
So 5 days until Christmas Eve, jesus. I just want to go home to my parents and just walk around in my pyjamas and eat my mums christmas-food. And decorate the three and hang out with friends i haven´t seen for ever!
But.. I can´t.

Anywho.. today i´m meeting up with a friend that´s coming from Åre and i heading here way home to Arvika. She´s making a pitstop in Stockholm so we are going to catch up with a cup of coffee.

Yesterday me and my man went christmas-shopping all day. We went to Djurgården and ate a wonderful lunch.
Then we went home and saw " Drive" and ate some ginger-bread and drank some "julmust". Cozy day.

Hope u all have a fab Monday.

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