Thursday, 29 December 2011

God morning!

I´m sick. Lovely! Fuck.... my head feels like a heavy rock... buhu. I don´t have time to get sick. It´s New Year´s on Saturday, I can´t be sick. Darn!
Well well... just drinking my morning coffee. My parents have a coffee-machine and right now I´m drinking a cappuccino and reading some blogs...
It´s raining outside and I´m dreaming of a warm holiday!
Maybe L.A, Aussie or South Africa... Hell, I can be any place but her.. this is VERY depressing. 

The plan today is: work in my shop and tonight me and my man are having dinner with Jacobs parents! I´m guessing 3 lovely courses and alote of wine! :)
I think we are spending the night also.. cozy! 

Maybe u notice that I have changed the blog a little.. ops. I love pink!


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