Tuesday, 27 December 2011

End of Christmas.

Hello Lovies.

Now the christmas is over.. I think? In a few days it´s New Years Eve! yey!
This year went sooooo fast. My. God. I can´t belive that´s it´s soon 2012.
But I´m VERY excited about that. I think very good things are happening for me.
Like I´m forgot to tell u something.. before i went home for Christmas i meet a PR-agency.... and i got a Intership! That´s amazing and I´m sooo happy!
I think it´s going to be awsome! 
And I´m still waiting on NS to call me and say that I got the job, kidding.

Anywho.. today me and my parents are going to Karlstad for some shopping! My man is going to bye himself a Ipad... (geek)
We are staying in Arvika for a couple of days.. I´m doing a tattoo tomorrow!

Shiieeeettttt, I forget to tell u about Christmasday and the party! It was soo much fun. I love my friends!

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