Friday, 23 December 2011

The day before Christmas.

Hey cookies. Sorry for checking in so late but I have had alote of things to do.
Right now I´m actually doing some painting! My grandmother is going to get a painting made my me for christmas! Very fun.
And we are making some candy and now we are going to decorate the three.

Today it´s my brothers birthday so tonight it´s a huge party at his place, yey. Before that me, my mum and my sister are going to town to buy the last gifts (!) and buying some champange! :) I love Christmas.
My man is also coming to Arvika tonight.. I missed him so much!

Tomorrow it´s ChristmasEve. Oh, I´m very curios to see what I get under the christmas-three!!! :) 

Maybe I´ll check in on you later, maybe not.

Lots of love.

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